a 49 day fitness and nutrition accountability program in person or virtual. Building consistency to become healthier, fit and fabulous in 49 days or less.

Get waisted with sarah jane

My Proven Method to Eat Healthier, Feel Stronger, and Lose Weight in 49 Days or Less 

Hey Lady! Come get Waisted with Me!!

Get the healthy recipes and live workouts you need to go from hiding your belly fat in spanks to showing off you flat stomach in your favorite dresses right in time for Spring Break 2023!!!

Ok so I’m going to get straight to the point because you don’t have any more  time to waste ..

I know you’ve been doing “all the things” – random diets that you’ve heard worked really well for a friend or maybe you caught it scrolling on social media but if you ever want to become healthier, feel energized and tone your body then you’re gonna have to … 

STOP doing “all the things”  
and start doing the “right things.” 
Let me explain: 

You’ve spent weeks, months even years investing in wprkout clothes, shoes, cookbooks, gym memberships, weight loss supplements, meal replacement shakes, and everything in between all in an  effort to become healthier, increase your energy and look amazing in your clothes.

But in the midst of all that, you’ve actually slowed down your metabolism, feel tired, and lost your motivation because it seems so hard. You see, the answers to your consistency, low energy, and  belly fat problems are NOT buried in another half-baked “lose 10 pounds in 5-days weight loss challenge” 

What you need are the healthy recipes, reliable accountability, and quick workouts to build your healthiest body on an  unshakeable foundation. That way, whether you get really busy when life happens, your schedule changes, or you go on vacation, you can always switch up your routine and stand strong on the foundation of the healthier lifestyle that you have built

Unfortunately, many people looking to become healthier or lose weight don’t do this. Instead, they piece together a string of long cardio workouts, pick a popular fad diet to start and say they are “getting back on track”. But what they really end up with is a “situation” that’s  exhaling wayyy more time, energy, money than it’s inhaling.  

And that situation is called an  

inconsistent fad diet NOT a healthier lifestyle

Now, if you’re kicking off the New Year with fast or inconsistent diet , then please allow me to introduce you to the solution you’ve been waiting for …

Introducing get waisted with sarah jane fitness

Inside Waisted with Sarah Jane, you’ll join an intimate group of women executives  and ambitious action takers, who like you, are ready, willing  and able to make BIG thangs happen – all you need is the “master fitness routine and meal plan.” 

And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you join us. Now, the sweet cherry  on top is this: 

As a client, you’ll get access to one incredible, brand-new meal plan and workout plan for 49 days.  This way, you’ll have more than enough time  to adjust to the plan so that you can start seeing and feeling the results. This will help you take action without ever stressing out over what healthy meals or how to remain consistent with your workout routine, which can lead to you losing motivation and starting over AGAIN. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s waiting for you inside WAISTED WITH SARAH JANE FITNESS

Meal Plan:  It’s time to flood your kitchen with quick and simple healthy recipes that help you LOSE INCHES OFF YOUR WAIST AND INCREASE YOUR ENERGY LEVELS!  With access to over 12 30 minute or less  healthy recipes. you will discover how to meal prep quickly, eat food that tastes amazing and helps shrink your belly fat so that you can stop hiding Spanx and start feeling fabulous in your favorite dresses.

Workouts: There is nothing like a good easy-to-follow workout routine to get you pumped up and feeling stronger.  As a client, you’ll unlock my treasure chest simple and effective 49 minute arm sculpting, booty-lifting workouts…LIVE! That’s right, TWICE a week we will meet in the morning to get your workout complete either over video call OR in-person ( ONLY FOR MANSFIELD/ARLINGTON, TX RESIDENTS). Over your 49 day Waisted with Sarah Jane Fitness plan you’ll get accountability and living fitness coaching. You can literally have a personal trainer (that’s me!) in your living room or at the gym with you. 2 workouts per week for 7 week (49 days) that’s 14 LIVE Personal Training sessions to help you get stronger.

AccountabilityThis is the game changer that will help keep you focused and on track to achieving your  health and fitness goals. You’ll be glad to know that you have a reliable accountability coach that will support you through the busyness of your week. You accountability coach will monitor your progress week by week which can boost your motivation! 

waisted by sarah jane is AVAILABLE RIGHT ON YOUR PHONE!


  • Are struggling to stay motivated and consistent with your health and fitness goals because you are so busy by the end of the day our are so tired and don’t feel like doing anything…
  • Have found yourself draining your bank account and wasting precious time and money  following guru after guru only to lose weight but gain it back  again
  • Find it almost impossible to shop for  your body and are wearing clothes that are beginning to fit too tight and make you uncomfortable
  • And you are willing to ditch late nights snacking while scrolling on social media  guaranteed to put you on the fastest path to profitability  … 

Then you’re gonna love Waisted with Sarah Jane Fitness because it’s the  place where you’ll receive (loving) kicks in the behind so you not only how to make healthier choices and tone your body but you also  receive the personalized accountability to ensure you take immediate action. #Winning 

Just imagine: 

Sitting down to map out your busy day the exact steps to create a healthy routine that shows you how to eat better, regulate your metabolism, decrease your cholesterol and sky rocket your energy and confidence.

Now, I’m not promising you’ll lose 20 pounds in a matter of minutes That’s like saying a unicorn is  going to chauffeur you around town from here on out.

But what I am promising is, when you join me for Waisted with Sarah Jane Fitness , you’ll finally strut through the confusion of not knowing what to do and feeling overwhelmed trying to figure it out..

You’ll find yourself standing in the “promised land” – the beautiful  place where you have the healthy meal plan, workout accountability and inside scoop you need to finally  achieve your health and fitness goals.

Doors to Waisted with Sarah Jane are now OPEN!  

Get highly practical, easy-to apply  guidance on how to eat healthier and exercise  in a way that puts you on the fastest path  becoming healthier and feeling stronger in just 49 days for only

EARLY BIRD: ONE payment of $797 or 3 payments of $297

(Early bird rate ends Friday December 23rd at 10:59PM CST)

** If you sign up AFTER the early bird rate the investment level is one payment of $997 or 3 payments of $350 **

Now, I want you to know that Waisted with Sarah Jane  is not  some “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” program you can slide into and wait for the pounds or inches to magically slide off your body. So, if that’s what you’re looking for … this is not the  right place for you. 

BUT, if you’re looking for a resourceful, supportive community where you’ll  receive actionable steps to progress in your health and fitness. And you’re cool  accepting loving kicks in the behind as needed while moving closer to  becoming a healthier, stronger, and more confident woman, then I have a spot with your name on it inside Waisted with Sarah Jane!

Oh, and plenty of ambitious bosses just like you are already enjoying the  perks of working with Sarah Jane Fitness.  Here’s what they’re saying about our programs: 

Answers to all your lingering questions

It’s been a while since I exercised consistently, is Waisted with Sarah Jane right for me?

Absolutely! Waisted with Sarah Jane covers every stage of your health and fitness journey.   It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. Waisted with Sarah Jane is designed to help you overcome unhealthy eating habits and inconsistency with exercise so you can finally achieve the goals that have been chilling out on your to-do list for far too long. 

You see, not only do I include fitness training that will take you through the many twists and turns of getting back into shape and learning how to do it with the correct form, but you’ll also get support and advice from our highly supportive and knowledgeable community too.

This way, you’ll never feel alone or lost during your journey. 

When does Waisted with Sarah Jane start?

The 49 day program will kick off on January 15 and will go through March 4, 2023

Can I get one-on-one support?


Yes! Not only can you ask questions and get advice, support and feedback from within the community, but I will be personally coaching and encouraging you in our personal two times a week scheduled strength training and dance fitness cardio sessions.

Why should I join today instead of waiting?


It’s time for you to take action. Here’s the thing:


If you really want the pain to stop- the pain of regret for getting yourself in a place where you aren’t prioritizing your health and are feeling tired, unmotivated, and, guilty about starting again, you need community, support and most of all….accountability!  Waisted with Sarah Jane is the place to get it.

How much is the program?

Waisted with Sarah Jane is designed to help you reach your health and fitness within 49 days and includes your meal plans/recipes, meal schedule, 2 live virtual trainings a week, weekly and  accountability.  The total value is $2,788.


However, the New Year Celebration price is a one time payment $997 or 3 monthly payments for $350

What happens if I decide not to renew the program?

Waisted with Sarah Jane is designed to help you reach your health and fitness within 49 days. If you decide not to sign up again afterwards, it’ll be a sad moment for the entire community, but if  you're intent on leaving, you'll be able to do so any time you want with no  strings attached.

It's time to show up for yourself

You’re the biggest supporter to everyone around you. It’s time you show up for yourself.  At Sarah Jane Fitness I’m all about making sure we make the time to care for our health, because it eventually starts having an affect on your mental health. 

By joining the Waisted with Sarah Jane program you take out the guesswork. Your meals planned, your reminders to stay on track, and your workouts are all done for you! All you have to do is show up! 


I’m Sarah, confidence booster, weight-loss Queen and a health and fitness magnet who knows how to put more self-care time and fitness on the busy schedules of ambitious,  action-taking women executives and senior leaders who want to serve more people with their  superpowers, all while they build a legacy of wealth for their families. 

You see, I know all about yo-yo dieting to make drop pounds quickly in order to get ready to look confident in a two-piece. I lost 65 pounds by strength training and ditching diets and over the last 7 years I have helped busy professional women lose weight and keep it off. But please know, I developed my  skills through good old “blood, sweat and tears.”

Like you, I tried following advice given by “everybody and their mama” and  it was just too much noise. I was all over the place until I stopped listening to  a gazillion different gurus on how to become healthier, lose weight, and have more energy.   So, you ask, what did I do? Well, I started researching and building my own  process with these goals in mind – design and maintain a healthier lifestyle and finding a way to eat french fries and drink Champagne without feeling guilty.

After researching and testing my steps, I developed a core strategy that helps my clients lose a minimum of 5-10 pounds in 21days without dieting and even if they don’t have the time to exercise.

So now I’m here ready to pull back the curtain on my strategies tucked inside Waisted with Sarah Jane program. You have the expertise, ambition and know-how. The only thing missing are the strategies that turn all of that into a healthy, confident, and sculpted woman.

And what’s waiting for you is inside Waisted with Sarah Jane