thoughts that matter...

What do you enjoy most about your training?

"The motivation and understanding to push you to your limit but understand your boundaries"

"I love her commitment to helping you reach your goal. She keeps you accountable by encouraging you every step of the way. She challenges you during every workout"

why train with sarah jane?

"I met Sarah at a free exercise event that she held. I had a great experience and I won a free month of personal training at the event. What a blessing it was! I started working out with Sarah but found out I was pregnant. I will definitely be going back to complete sessions after delivery."

"How she knew how to push me when i just gave up."

"I enjoy accomplishing new things. It might be hard during the actual workout but I feel good about myself when it’s over"

"I decided to hire Sarah for personal training in order to improve my health and lose weight along the way. During my time with her I have pushed myself physically and am still progressing. It's with her words of encouragement and her passion for helping me reach my own goals;I am able to press past my own limitations."

"The positivity and encouragement I recieve during our sessions. Even when I feel discouraged she adjusts things so tht the movement fits my current level but also challenges me."

"I chose to workout with friends early in the morning twice a week. Fresh out of school and I needed to stay active. It’s been hard work to stay committed but it was worth it! My goal was to keep up a healthy lifestyle! I notice now after 9 months of keeping at it that the hard work is paying off! Sarah makes the workouts enjoyable and she connects with ya outside of the gym! She’s there if you need anything: a workout, a prayer, an idea for a meal, or just a friend to talk to!"

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