Hey girl I get it. Between the non-stop to-do list from work, the demands of home, and the other upteen things you have to prioritize, it’s hard to take time for yourself. Especially when that time is exchanged for buckets of sweat and another “get fast results diet.” But you’re here because you’re ready to make a change. And I’m just the person to help you with that.









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This done-for-you program is packed with nutritious and flavorful meals, home + gym workouts that will unlock our strongest attributes to reach and maintain your goals!

In need of nutritional

Start with my 7 Day Meal Plan Guide filled with quick (and tasty) recipes to help you start eating better. 


I’m Sarah Jane,fitness and nutrition coach, helping busy, ambitious women to design and maintain a healthy lifestyle.




Consider me your newest hype woman, because I am all about you! I’m on a mission to help you prioritize your mind, body, and your health. After battling with my own weightloss journey I know how easy it can be to put yourself on the backburner. 

But when I truly became serious about my health and fitness I was able to lose 65 pounds in one year! It was a looong journey but it was so worth it! 

And you’re worth it too sis! 

Maybe you’ve tried the gym and find it boring, or intimidating. Perhaps you were fit before your pre-baby body, or maybe you’re desperate to tackle your relationship with food but don’t know where to start. 

With my proven success strategies and stellar services,  I can lead and coach you towards fitness and nutritional health.

trust me, i've heard it all before...


" I don't have time"

My fitness programs were created to tackle the issue of time. They are easy to get started and were specifically created to implement into your busy lifestyle.


"I struggle with..."

Lack of motivation. My programs offer tactics for both accountability and consistency that will also help you remain motivated.


"I don't know what to eat"

You'll learn quickly (this woman likes to eat). No hard dieting around here. The meal plans I provide are nutritious , easy to prepare, and great for your fitness track.


1:1 personal training

In this done-with-you training you’ll get 1:1 Personal Training with Sarah Jane, Certified Fitness and and Nutrition Coach with customized meal plans, workouts and accountability reports that help you with your desired fitness goals. 

fitting in fitness

This done-for-you fitness program was designed to fit around your busy schedule and keep you moving towards your goals no matter what life throws at you. Enjoy 15-30 minute workouts and nutritional meals.


The Mind-Body-Work! Membership is a quarterly membership designed to help you stay focused on eating healthier and meal planning even if you don’t have time because of your busy schedule. 


Which fitness superpower do you have? 

As you travel on your health, nutrition, and fitness journey, we all have a super power deep inside of us that will help be successful and reach our goals! 

Are you Dedicated?

Are You Motivated? 

Are you Inspired?

Are You Disciplined?

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